Dattaraj Kamat

 Dattaraj Kamat Character Designer and Illustrator
Dattaraj Kamat is a character designer/illustrator  based in Goa,India.  An illustration major with a B.F.A. from Goa college of Art, Dattaraj has developed an expertise in stylized character design for animation film production over last four years.
He began his animation career as a BG concept artist at UTV Motion pictures, Mumbai for their animated feature film ‘Alibaba and Forty one thieves.’ After working on couple of other design projects, he moved back to his hometown Goa and is currently a character design instructor at Animation and Art School Goa. Dattaraj has also been involved in several illustration and animation projects for various Advertising agencies and studios in UK, Mumbai and Goa. 
 " Be yourself! Art is an expression...stay true to it. Try and develop content through observation, research and study. I believe everyone is blessed with a unique approach to design and it can flourish and come to life only when you are honest with your art! " ~Dattaraj Kamat, Character Designer
Dattaraj Kamat is a professional member of the Creative Talent Network

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